Tips for Shipping Containers to Africa

In Africa, the export market becomes the only are of stable growth both before and after the recent depression. Right now, shipping containers to Africa is the most common means to move freight with all global trade. There are huge numbers of customers that choose to buy and send their own shipping containers to Africa.


And now you have decided to buy a shipping container and then you have to start planning for the delivery. In most cases, the company that sell the container will either has their own method for shipment or they will contact the destination’s area of the depot which will help them to get the container to Africa. If there is no logistical support from them, keep reading this post and take notes on all of the points below. Then you will be able to answer some questions regarding to shipment of your containers.

4 Tips for Shipping Containers to Africa

1. When your containers arrived at the port of your destination, you have to take them out. This need to be done since many ports will either make you to unload the container itself at the port or they will charge your container in a very heavy deposit so you can take your container out. Not to mention that they will charge you a hefty daily rental charge. You can do what you want since the container is yours.

2. Since containers are so useful and relatively cheap, they can be re-fitted at the destination, so you can sell your container for a profit. Containers can be used for a numbers of uses and there is a report form containers customers that there is a strong request for re-use containers. This is the reason why you should sell your cargo if you can also get money from shipping containers to Africa.

3. You can control your shipment better. You can switch between shipping line service if it is required. Usually it is not a consideration, but this can offer better flexibility when you ship to areas which may be subject to changing ground conditions such as conflict areas.

4. Re-used your containers as freezer or walk-in fridge. Many people buy a used refrigerated shipping container and then ship it to Africa. They ship it with general cargo and after that they will use it as freezer or a walk in fridge at destination.

Recommended Shipping Containers to Africa

The best choice is use 40ft high cube shipping containers for you who want to buy your own shipping containers to export to Africa. The cost is about the same price as the standard 40ft high units but they have about 10% more space inside. Moreover, 40ft high cube shipping containers is also very useful if the container is to be changed at your destination. Right now, these are currently the cheapest containers, so this is a great time to buy them. Their peak was after the start of the depression and this has been for about half the price more than 5 years.

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