There are several reasons why couples plan baby gender before women even gave birth.

Perhaps the husband wants a son to keep the family name or perhaps you already have a son. So, therefore, you want to have a girl to make the family complete like most of your friends.

Either way that is entirely your choice on which baby’s gender you prefer right now. Realizing how the baby is created will provide you a perception on how to select baby gender.

Baby Gender

You have to understand the characteristics of sperm cells which give you an edge within your baby gender selection efforts. Here are some guidelines which can help you to choose the baby gender that suits you.

Male sperm and female sperm

Male sperm (with Y chromosomes) and female sperm (with X chromosomes) have different characteristics. Male sperms are smaller which enables it to swim faster than female sperms but have the short lifespan.

Female sperms, in contrast, are bigger and stronger and possess longer lifespan.

How To Conceive A Baby Boy

1. You will need to have sex at the time of your ovulation because male sperms have a very short lifespan around 1 to 2 days.

You can determine the day within your ovulation by charting your cervical mucus. You can use Basal temperature (BBT) or ovulation product kits (OPK).

2. You (female) must reach orgasm before your significant other to produce an alkaline environment as part of your vagina which is favorable to male sperms.

3. Your partner must have a very high sperm count. You need to have sex regularly. Male sperms are faster swimmers than female, the greater the count the greater chance his sperm will make it to the egg first.

How To Conceive A Baby Girl

1. You need to have sexual intercourse earlier, 7 days before your ovulation. This will make most of the male sperm to die before reaching the egg cell.

2. Your partner must reach orgasm prior to deciding to so that you will not produce an alkaline environment which can be in favor of male sperms.

3. Drink milk and eat dairy foods and avoid salty foods. This will make your whole body and vaginal PH to get low (acidic) which can be in favor of female sperms.

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Sticking to a diet while you are pregnant is not only for you to keep off the unwanted and unnecessary pound but it is also to keep you and your unborn child healthy.  What not to eat when pregnant is just as important of what you actually should.  So here is a short list of what foods to avoid while rocking that baby bump.

pregnant NOT To Eat

Raw Meat

If you like your steak raw, or even just medium rare, then you will just have to settle for well done for the time being.  Raw meat can actually lead to infections, especially when you are pregnant.  Salmonella and toxoplasmosis are two infections that are most common. You want to avoid it eating raw meat to avoid getting infected.  Remember that it won’t only infect you but your baby too.  So stay away from the sushi and throw the meat I on the grill.

Raw Eggs

Speaking of raw, you should also steer clear of raw eggs too.  Raw eggs also pose the risk of Salmonella.  You may think that you don’t just crack open and eat it anyway, but there are certain foods that have raw eggs that you should avoid.  These include cake batter, cookie dough, mayo, egg nog, and even homemade ice cream.

Soft Cheese

Cheese is a great source of calcium- something that you need a whole lot of when you are pregnant, especially in the second and third trimesters because that is when the development of bones and teeth of your child is at its peak.  However, you should avoid soft cheeses.  The main reason you should stay away from brie, blue cheese, feta, queso blamco and fresco to name a few is that the way these kinds of cheese were made.  The whole process may leave them with harmful bacteria.


Aside from sashimi and sushi, there are certain types of fish that you should also keep away from while you are pregnant.  Remember that mercury can actually lead to the brain damage of your child.  So you shouldn’t eat tilefish, mackerel shark, and sword fish because they contain mercury.  Also, you should avoid fish that have PCB, polychlorinated biphenyls, warnings such as salmon, bass, bluefish, trout, and pike.  PCB may lead to memory problems and lower IQ levels.

No matter where you are at on the journey of having a baby, these great ebooks can support you in your efforts.  If you are having difficulty getting pregnant then Lisa Olsen’s Pregnany miracle can certainly help. It is a huge resource of natural methods that can significantly improve your chances of getting pregnant. It goes over things to do for both men and women and borrows from Ancient Chinese and Indian Medicine to provide a complete course of action to help you get pregnant.

If you are more interested in influencing the gender of your yet to be conceived baby then you might want to read Ashley Spencer’s Gender Selection book. This book offers a natural plan to help you influence the gender if you are not pregnant yet. This may very well just give you the boy or the girl that you have always wanted and it will prove to be a lot less expensive than other more technical methods.

If you are pregnant and suffering from morning sickness then take a look at  Claire Batten’s End Morning Sickness which uses a technique described as psychological acupuncture to end the feelings of nausea and physical vomiting.

Finally, if you are already pregnant but want to stay fit and healthy then Michelle Moss’s Pregnancy without Pounds might be something to look at. Apart from looking good throughout your pregnancy, recent research suggests that keeping within your normal BMI whilst pregnancy can reduce the chances of you developing health complications like gestational diabetes, hypertension and labor difficulties.

It is even felt that becoming excessively overweight during pregnancy can have long term affects on the child in later life. Pregnancy without pounds is an excellent guide for keeping the pounds off with simple action plan that involves eating right and moderate exercise.

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If you want to have a baby girl and are NOT yet pregnant, there are a couple of ways that just might work and give you a little princess of your own.  Here are some tips, tricks, and basically everything you need to know how to have a baby girl.  So instead of just keeping your fingers crossed, read on, get the information, and actually do something about it.

Having Baby Girl

Back To Basics

Before we focus on how to have a baby girl, here are some things that you should know.  Let’s start with the chromosomes.   There are only two kinds, the X chromosomes and the Y chromosomes.  Women have XX chromosomes while men have XY chromosomes.  What you have to remember is that the egg, which is from the women,  is X, and the sperm can either be X or Y.  An X sperm will give you a baby girl and a Y sperm will give you a baby boy.

Another fact that you should know is that X sperm (girl) is larger, lives longer, but is also much slower.  The Y sperm (boy) is smaller, faster, but has a shorter lifespan.

Aside from that, there is one more crucial fact that you should know.  This is about ovulation.  Normally, a woman will ovulate once every time she gets her menstrual cycle.  This is when one egg leaves the ovaries and stays in the fallopian tube making this the most fertile period.  Usually, this happens in the middle of the cycle but may vary from woman to woman.

Now that you have the basic facts, let’s take a look on some of the tips and steps on how to have a baby girl.

Tips And Steps


As they say, timing is everything.  This is also true when it comes to conceiving a baby girl.  The best time to have intercourse is about 2-3 days before the woman starts ovulating.  The reason behind this is the sperms.  Remember that the Y sperm is much faster but dies out quicker.  So basically, you want to get rid of them before ovulation starts.  Since the X sperm is slower but lives longer, chances are X will be the one to reach the egg.


The position is also another thing that you need to consider.  Couples should also avoid any deep penetration.  You want the sperm to come out as far away from the egg as possible giving a much bigger chance of the Ys dying out and the Xs being the last ones standing.

Specific Methods

If you really want a baby girl so badly, you can also turn to advanced medical technology.  There are a couple of techniques that use in vitro fertilization or intrauterine insemination such as PGD and MicroSort.  Hi-technology offers high success rates but comes with a high price too.

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