Britax Frontier 85 Combination Booster Car Seat Rushmore

From all colors provided, the Britax Frontier 85 combination booster car seat Rushmore is the most favorite one. Actually, the choice of colour doesn’t really matter because all kinds of booster car seat of Britax Frontier 85 provide the same excellent features that keep our kid secure and safe along the road. With the latest design of booster seat, this excellent Britax product is considered as one of the most leading products with very reasonable prices.

The highly skilled manufacturing process has been through good quality control, just like other Britax products. It offers full protection with true side impact with Versa-Tether patented for the best absorbing energy. It can accommodate well with your toddlers who are two years old and older with twenty-five to eighty-five pounds weight with forwarding direction facing when it is installed in the harnessed mode seat. But if you install booster mode seat, it can accommodate for forty to a hundred and twenty pounds weight.

Britax knows for sure that riding can bring its own risk though nobody wants any bad thing to happen. However, there is nothing wrong by keeping our kid safe and secure by sitting on the Britax Frontier 85 Combination Booster Seat Rushmore which is designed very well with adjusting the kid’s posture for providing the best support. The protection for side impact is manufactured for the best highly developed safety with ultimate security.

How can the design support the kid in the time of a crash? The supporting part of the head is very solid and the walls on the deep side can provide effective protection for distributing forces and shielding the kid from automobile intrusion which can keep some parts of the body from injury. However, kids may not be the only ones who need this excellent car seat. Grandparents or the parents of the ever-growing kids will need this to put their infants in their laps.

The Frontier 85 is certified with aircraft travel, only in harness style. This is the reason why it can provide a very comfortable and secure mixed of booster seat which features highly developed capacity to harness with food safety standards. They are best for almost any kind of modern automobiles like SUV’s, mini vans or middle size vehicles. It boasts a patented system called Versa-Tether which features tether webbing with a leveled-release system. It can secure the anchor above the seat of the kid at the automobile on two points for minimising movement on forward facing, just in case there is a clash.

The Britax design the basic of the energy-absorbing seat for absorbing brunt forces. And the lining with foam based gives extra to prop up. Additionally, the Harness Ultra Guard System (HUGS) can reduce the head movement on the forward facing so that it can give more protection to the kid. All products of Britax have the same feature; SecureGuard and The Frontier 85 is not an exceptional.

Buyers can choose an optional SecureGuard clip that holds the safety belt’s lap portion right in place. It can prevent a kid to slide under his or her lap belt. This is beneficial for reducing any risk related to injury on the abdominal part.

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