Baby Gender Tips – Plan Your Baby’s Gender

There are several reasons why couples plan baby gender before women even gave birth.

Perhaps the husband wants a son to keep the family name or perhaps you already have a son. So, therefore, you want to have a girl to make the family complete like most of your friends.

Either way that is entirely your choice on which baby’s gender you prefer right now. Realizing how the baby is created will provide you a perception on how to select baby gender.

Baby Gender

You have to understand the characteristics of sperm cells which give you an edge within your baby gender selection efforts. Here are some guidelines which can help you to choose the baby gender that suits you.

Male sperm and female sperm

Male sperm (with Y chromosomes) and female sperm (with X chromosomes) have different characteristics. Male sperms are smaller which enables it to swim faster than female sperms but have the short lifespan.

Female sperms, in contrast, are bigger and stronger and possess longer lifespan.

How To Conceive A Baby Boy

1. You will need to have sex at the time of your ovulation because male sperms have a very short lifespan around 1 to 2 days.

You can determine the day within your ovulation by charting your cervical mucus. You can use Basal temperature (BBT) or ovulation product kits (OPK).

2. You (female) must reach orgasm before your significant other to produce an alkaline environment as part of your vagina which is favorable to male sperms.

3. Your partner must have a very high sperm count. You need to have sex regularly. Male sperms are faster swimmers than female, the greater the count the greater chance his sperm will make it to the egg first.

How To Conceive A Baby Girl

1. You need to have sexual intercourse earlier, 7 days before your ovulation. This will make most of the male sperm to die before reaching the egg cell.

2. Your partner must reach orgasm prior to deciding to so that you will not produce an alkaline environment which can be in favor of male sperms.

3. Drink milk and eat dairy foods and avoid salty foods. This will make your whole body and vaginal PH to get low (acidic) which can be in favor of female sperms.

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